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"I work constantly to realise my potential in the context of Trust, Initiative and Integrity!"

"I take the best of my performances and make them natural, on an ongoing basis !"

"I continually set stretch goals, believing in my causative power !"

"I proactively affirm myself in areas where I choose to grow !"

"I keep my hope alive, knowing that there are solutions waiting to be discovered !"

"I remain calm and jovial when people behave in a way that upsets me !"

"I have a strong belief in the dignity of all people !"

"I have a positive expectation of achieving my goals and I overcome and persevere always!"

"I seek to make a significant impact, as a key ingredient of my success !" 

"I intentionally plan my future, programming my mind to seek it out !"

"I am a valuable person and worthy of the respect of those who are important to me !" 

"I practice my day in graphic detail, with the appropriate emotion, so that I am effective !"

"I regularly challenge myself to new heights of excellence !"

"I think ahead and prepare myself for the great, rewarding life I dream about !"

"I am a solution finder; always looking for better ways to do things !"

"I only let my self-talk reinforce the beliefs I plan to keep ! "

"I evaluate my attitudes regularly to ensure they are assisting me in me being my best!"

"I shape my future using the best of my past!"

"By clearly defining what I want and remaining personally accountable, I most surely achieve the results!"

"I value my uniqueness and use my difference to enhance the environment I am in."

“I change my future using the best of my past!"



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