Journey Framework: Being Persistent

In my blog dated 19th March 2012, I made reference to a specific journey that needs to be followed in order to successfully realise the experience of being your best. In it, I posed the following questions:

“What needs to happen along the way in order for you to be appropriately positioned to effectively address this journey? What is the framework of operation required to successfully make it through this journey?

My point of view on this framework is as follows:

  1. That there are clear goals made as milestones on which to focus !
  2. That opportunities for realizing those goals are recognised along the way !
  3. That the appropriate attitude is obtained to approach those opportunities with !
  4. That the challenges are identified that lie ahead of us !
  5. That the courage to deal with those challenges is in place !
  6. That, above all, there is persistency to see the journey through !

If one follows this framework of operation, the probability for me is high that one can journey successfully towards being the best you can be. Can you be with this possibility?”

So far in my blog writing I have dealt with the framing of the above, but on one aspect of this framework I have not yet commented on, and that is the value of persistency to see the journey through.

Many a word has been said about persistence. The SA Concise Oxford Dictionary defines it as to continue firmly or obstinately on a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. A Japanese proverb on persistence states: “Fall seven times, stand up eight!” Even as far as the 13th century, a known English saying at that time was: “ constant dropping wears away a stone”. The most perceptible reference to persistence for me is the following: “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins ... not through strength, but through persistence.”

Persistence for me is like the stamina of the road runner to see a marathon through, being in it for the long haul, to be constantly at it with whatever strength you may have at that moment to reach your destination – by just keeping on  doing your best, whatever your best is at that moment, in faith that it is within you to reach your destination in due course!

Can you be with this possibility of persistence ?

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