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Way back in the beginning of March 2012, in my introductory blog, I invited you to join me on to the following journey:

“So … join me on this journey of exploration on what makes us being the best we can be. It will be a journey in which I’d love to share my insights and experiences obtained regarding my personal journey to date within this ever changing world we live in. I will do that with the belief that within this journey some new insights will also emerge from within your own being.”

Having now explored this journey of being our best within the context of a journey framework and the proposed roles to adopt in supporting a balanced approach towards this journey. Also highlighting the importance of being in the attitude of gratitude as well as being in action, whilst managing our travelling companion called the ego.

I now would like to open the floor, so to speak, to invite your comments on your exploring the journey with me so far, whatever your experiences may be. You can do that as a response on this blog page. I would love you to share your experiences with the reading community of this blog and for further reflection by myself on this blog for the benefit of the community.

If you aspire to personally take this journey of being your best to the next level, please feel free to email me directly on  so that, via the appropriate medium, I can within a coaching context support you to have you realise this aspiration.

I thank You.

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