Before reading the information below, it’s important to consider the meaning of the word ‘coach’. This means that someone else will be guiding and supporting you to realise your potential. A coach does not win the game for you; he merely helps you to be the best player you can be because he recognises potential and understands the best way to elicit it. However, you remain the key factor in this process and it is vital that you understand that Frontier Coaching exists as a support role to you throughout its service spectrum.



  • Developing your personal agenda and identifying key aspects that you would like to optimise in your personal life
  • Generating self-awareness and insight in order to expand your limiting beliefs
  • Creating awareness of your potential and innate strengths
  • Mapping out your personal goals in a structured and attainable plan from which you and your coach can progressively work through
  • Crafting productive behaviour by understanding your roles and the way in which you interact within your personal environment
  • Sustaining the maximum awareness you need to attain your ambitions

Areas which your coach could support you in are: Lifestyle habits, relationships, family life, spiritual goals, accountability, social functionalism and any personal matter you believe needs attention.


  • Creating an understanding of your role in the business and how this directly impacts your business environment
  • Developing your leadership and strategic planning skills
  • Evaluating your business goals and developing a plan to attain those objectives
  • Establishing a consciousness of the factors that impact your business negatively, and how to negate these issues
  • Strengthening the established business relationships you have with clients and suppliers


  • Establishing your managerial style and creating awareness around how that impacts your teams
  • Managing your team to your full potential
  • Generating plans to maximise productivity, loyalty and teamwork
  • Establishing purpose for you as a manager and how to translate your purpose effectively
  • Understanding your pitfalls and how to reinforce positive managerial behaviour



  • Understanding executive expectations and deliverables within a business context
  • Generating awareness of business direction , goals and strategy within the business
  • Communication techniques which translate your leadership ability with the most impact to the business
  • Building sub-ordinate loyalty and passion for their work
  • Conflict resolution


  • Maximising your self-awareness within an management team and your role within the team
  • Integrating other management perspectives
  • Finding your niche and reinforcing your positive contribution to the team
  • Establishing clear and productive communication channels with team members
  • Understanding your needs as a manager and how to create the optimal working environment
  • Conflict resolution

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