• A transformational process that creates shifts in the mindset of your consciousness, leaving you enabled and supported to realise more lasting and powerful outcomes
  • Questions that are asked are from a place of wisdom, rather than promoting second-hand knowledge
  • Helping you come up with your own answers, our journey together is about empowerment not me telling you what to do
  • A rigorous, solutions-focused technique, which brings about positive change more easily
  • Continual feedback and encouragement is always at the forefront of all my actions and discussions with you, criticism can be found just about anywhere these day’s...not here!
  • Leave you inspired, focused, committed and well on the path to fulfilling your inherent and remarkable potential.
  • Challenge you to be the best you can be!


Consciousness Coaching® believes that only the changes that occur organically can become an integral part of your consciousness and therefore will have a durable effect. When you explore new possibilities with additional insight, your ego is able to accept and integrate the change.

The purpose of a coaching interaction is for you to be enabled to reach a defined and agreed upon objective(s).

To be coachable, you must ensure that:

  • Your intent to change and desire to change is serious
  • You are ready to work and receive feedback
  • You are willing to try new ways of learning, keep to your commitments and inform your coach immediately when things are not working for you
  • You are willing to explore, challenge, and change thoughts, feelings and actions that you recognise are self-defeating
  • You understand that your coach will be focussed on you and your best interests
  • You understand that your coach will educate, support and encourage you while you do the work and reap the benefits of your efforts
  • You are willing to trust the coach and try new concepts or different ways of doing things

Your intent to grow in excellence is a key to a successful coaching experience.


  • This process is on average a 2 month investment of your time and effort.
  • Based on experience, 7 sessions is the average number of sessions required to reach a successful outcome
  • The standard length of a session is a 1½ hours for one-on-one session and to be determined for team coaching session.
  • It is recommended that sessions be held weekly to complete the process within 2 months.
  • Coaching sessions are conducted via Skype video-conferencing with Dirk, however if face-to-face sessions are preferred this can be arranged.

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