Being in action

Having a journey framework with regards to goals, opportunities, attitude, challenges and persistence is great for supporting you in being your best, as dealt with in my previous blog entries. However, these frameworks will not help you as intended if you are not committed to using them.

I have found that commitment in whatever venture you care to pursue is fundamentally important to maximise the probability of making it happen successfully. I have learned that commitment, within this context of discussion, is simply: “being in action to realise results”. Being committed is not wondering about it but is actually doing something about it with a goal in mind. This something can be active planning for it, preparing for it, resourcing it, and eventually walking the talk by doing it. These are all forms of commitment.

What is actually happening whilst being in action is that, as referenced by WH Murray, an established mountaineer, a context is created that attracts all manner of support to realise the outcome of your action. An analogy to that is that the moment a copper wire [the person] is moving [being in action] through a magnetic field [universal law] an electrical potential [context] is manifested that leads to the occurrence of an electrical current [all manner of support] – which is the principle used to generate power for consumption [for realising the outcome].

This manner of support is experienced in the form of the synchronicity of events as well as auspicious conditions and circumstances taking place, that enables you to better realise results. Hence, the importance of being in action (commitment) to maximise the probability of realising results by attracting auspicious conditions and circumstances enabling the latter.

Furthermore, being in purposeful action, draws your attention to the presence in which that action takes place. Consequently, your attention is away from memories of the past and anticipation of the future; bringing a sense of peace and fulfilment within the Isness of that action.

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