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Have you ever experienced the mind shift that automatically takes place when you experience a hot-air balloon ride? The balloon never hovers over the same piece of land as we do in our daily lives; it transcends boundaries and uses the all-important mechanism of exploration to give you insight into the same world you live in, only from a different perspective. Just you, the balloon and your operator, and voila! You see your world completely differently.

It is this perspective and journey, led by your coach Dirk Devis M.Eng.(Industrial) Consciousness Coach® and Coach Member of ICF, which allows you to take your existing landscape. and manifest whatever you want from it! From discovering inspiring landmarks in yourself you were unaware of, to attaining goals through reaching professional altitudes with the assistance of your coach; Frontier Coaching empowers you with a mindset that will forever allow you to master the path to excellence as well as happiness.


Consciousness Coaching® can best be described as following a process of conversation, with subsequent activities, that creates an increased awareness with associated insights on how to obtain results as well as,

Presenting you with an opportunity, within the freedom of your choice, to choose to change your believe system within your consciousness in order to make those results with less effort and sustainable.

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Supporting you to come up with your own answers; our journey together is about empowerment, not me telling you what to do.

Pursue a rigorous, solutions-focused approach, which brings about positive change more easily.

Encouragement is always at the forefront of all my actions and discussions with you.

Leave you inspired, focused, committed and well on the path to fulfilling your inherent and remarkable potential.

Challenge you to be the best you can be!

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It is vital that you understand that Frontier Coaching exists as a support role to you throughout its service spectrum.

One-on-one Coaching:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Management Coaching

Team Coaching:

  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Management Team Coaching

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My Inspirational Resources List

Herewith are some websites and books that truly inspire me to pursue my destiny in

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On my shelf this month!

The Ego Trick by Julian Baggini The nature of this work is best described by

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