Frontier Coaching introducing its flagship workshop:


What is this workshop about?

It is about participating in a workshop on ‘being your best’ through exploring and being coached in order to position yourself for successful outcomes with regards to realising your individual personal and work aspirations.  The workshops can also be tailor made to address specific group interests and aspirations like “Healthy Living” etc.

The workshop is broken up into two parts, each with its own core focus.

PART ONE: Conceptual

The first part is about exploring the idea of an identity as well as exploring the concept of being at your best.

  • Welcoming and logistics
  • Defining your aspired personal objective
  • Exploring your Identity
  • A sharing on the Expression of Identity Framework
  • Defining what your BEST is

PART TWO: Action & Experience

The second part is about creating a coaching context and introducing coaching on being your best in order to reach aspired personal objectives.

  • Introduction to Consciousness Coaching®
  • Referring to awareness creation frameworks
  • Group coaching on being your Best
  • Checking out of workshop and acknowledgements
  • Invitation to further one-on-one coaching*

*Please note that the follow-up one-on-one coaching will be offered at a substantial discount!

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